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Our Mission


Red Rover is here to keep you and your pets happy by offering an array of services to meet scattered needs and busy schedules. We offer Morning, Noon, and Evening Visits—as well as Overnight Pet Sitting and Boarding —and can handle any special or additional requests, too.

We care for your pet by offering love, attention, and exercise—all within the confines of a safe, familiar environment. Plus, we aim to keep you happy by freeing your mind of unnecessary concern or guilt while you’re out of town or busy at work.

Our mission is to keep clients satisfied and pets pampered, and we couldn’t be more dedicated. We look forward to serving you all!




The heart behind Red Rover Pets


Jeremy grew up in a veritable menagerie. Distant cousins of Dr. Doolittle, his parents constantly fed neighborhood squirrels and adopted injured animals and needy strays. At an early age he developed a certain kinship with nature and its creatures.

When the time came, Jeremy ventured to college to study pre-veterinary medicine. After three years he realized that seeing pained animals was not his calling – and that the expense of a private college was affecting his pocket book – so he transferred schools and went on to receive a business degree. Secretly, though, he wondered if he’d ever have the chance to care for animals professionally.

Jeremy landed his first job with an environmental consulting company, where he stayed for three years. He became close friends with the company’s CEO, who asked him on numerous occasions to watch his two Scottish Terriers. He enjoyed his time with the Scotties – and never would have guessed how dramatically they would change his life.

On an evening walk with the pups, a neighbor asked Jeremy to care for his dog while out of town. One client became two, which grew to four, and eventually the venture snowballed into an entire base of pet owners needing evening and weekend care.

He left his desk job in exchange for a fulfilling opportunity to do just what he’d wanted to do from the beginning: clean dog poo off sidewalks and care for animals.

In 1998, Jeremy started Red Rover Pet Care and never looked back. He went from only supervising himself to now having 7 dog walkers that assist him in exercising the dogs of the San Francisco Bay Area.